Strategic Planning

Quality Assurance

In order to meet or exceed patient and resident expectations, we will continue to design and implement quality assurance programs. By 2013, we will regularly meet or exceed both federal and state quality standards while receiving patient and resident satisfaction ratings at the “very satisfied” or “completely satisfied” levels 100% of the time.


To better coordinate all WCCHS communication programs and activities, we will write, launch, and measure the results of a multi-faceted corporate and marketing communication plan. Our ongoing evaluations will be incorporated into our daily communications and marketing strategies.


We will collaborate with our county providers to create and introduce a new, user-friendly health information system.  By mid-year 2011, the system will be launched and by 2012, users will report highly positive levels of satisfaction with it.


As a means of creating an increasingly supportive culture for our patients, residents, and professional and support staff, we will identify targeted areas for improvement and develop and deploy comprehensive remediation plans. By 2013, we will have carried out no fewer than three plans, whose target audiences will rate them as “successful” or “very successful.”


To ensure a smooth transition from our current facilities to newly renovated structures, we will effectively facilitate the changes and communicate them (as well as their value) to everyone affected, both before and as they are being made. From mid-2010 through project completion, 100% of our staff, patients, and residents will understand the nature of the changes, how those changes will affect them, and why the results are worth the disruption.

Upcoming Events

5:00 pm A Sunset Evening @ Home of Joshua Pfeiffer and Savannah Kissell
A Sunset Evening @ Home of Joshua Pfeiffer and Savannah Kissell
Sep 7 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
9:00 am Blood Drive @ Wyoming Suite (Ground Floor of the Hospital)
Blood Drive @ Wyoming Suite (Ground Floor of the Hospital)
Oct 11 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm