Orthopedic Patient Stories

Click on an image below to see what some of our Orthopedic patients have to say about their experience with Wyoming County Community Health System!


Copeland           Hudson

               John Copeland (Orthopedics)                                Richard Hudson (Orthopedics)


Grabenstatter           Zuidema

       Richard Grabenstatter (Orthopedics)                              Robert Zuidema (Orthopedics)


hudson-brothers           Carpenter

                Hudson Brothers (Orthopedics)                                  Cheryl Volk (Orthopedics)

Johnson-Tanya-1           Ron-Stevens

Tanya Johnson (Orthopedics) [AUDIO FILE]                            Ron Stevens (Orthopaedics)

jackie-correa           Barbara-Sceusa

                Jackie Correa (Orthopaedics)                                  Barbara Sceusa (Orthopaedics)

Suzanne-McCormick           Jay-Hakes

           Suzanne McCormick (Orthopaedics)                                Jay Hakes (Orthopaedics)