“Angel Hugs” donates HALO sleep sacks to WCCH

babyRarely does a day go by without a reminder of how important children are to their families and to their community. Nobody understands this more than the people who work every day in organizations devoted to helping children meet their full potential and stay safe. One such organization that views children as our greatest resource is Angel Action, the volunteer program of Community Action for Wyoming County.

Through its “Angel Hugs” program, Angel Action has been donating hundreds of HALO Sleep Sacks each year to Wyoming County Community
Hospital since 2011. Often referred to as a swaddle, it wraps snugly around an infant and is designed to ensure a clear airway and to keep a baby in place while they sleep. Swaddles have been proven to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is the unexpected and unexplained death of a child under age one. SIDS can be caused by loose blankets covering a baby’s airway or they can simply overheat while asleep.

In addition to swaddles, Angel Action also provides cribs to families upon referral from the hospital staff.

“It is surprising the number of babies who do not have a safe place to sleep, said Standish. “Many times a newborn is put in a bed with an older child or on a couch because the family is unable to afford a crib. This raises the risk for a terrible accident but fortunately it costs us very little, just fewer than 60 dollars, to make sure these babies are sleeping safe. We are eternally grateful for this generous and caring community that
supports our work and our programs to help children,” Standish said.