Barbara Sceusa

“For my second knee surgery, the best was close to home!”

—Barbara Sceusa, Warsaw, NY

Barbara Sceusa had her first knee replacement surgery at a large city hospital. “It’s not an experience I would want to repeat,” she says. So when Barbara needed replacement surgery on her other knee, she chose Wyoming County Community Health System and Dr. Paul Mason a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon. “People I trust said that Dr. Mason was very good, and they were right. He was very likable. He listened and addressed my concerns. I also did my research and found out that Wyoming County Community Health System has one of the lowest infection rates in Western New York, when compared to 16 other hospitals. That’s impressive!” Following her surgery, Barbara was in the hospital for three days. “The staff was absolutely wonderful,” she says, and credits the caring staff for her quick recovery. “I just can’t say enough good about them. Everybody was friendly, from the housekeeping staff to the lab technicians. Even the hospital’s nutritionist took time to meet with me about my specific dietary needs and food allergies, and together we figured out the right menu for me.” Barbara has a final piece of advice. “Don’t live in pain!” she says. “Get it done at WCCHS. Thanks to Dr. Mason, I enjoy more mobility with less pain than before. Nothing can stop me now!”