Fay Steele

“When I got my new shoulder, I got my old life back!”

—Fay Steele

Nothing is going to stop Fay Steele rom enjoying an active life, which includes her love of cross-country skiing. So, when the 75-year-old retired hairdresser started having trouble with her right shoulder, she went to see Dr. David Privitera, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Wyoming County Community Health System.

“I was having trouble using my right shoulder to lift my arm,” Fay explains. “It’s wasn’t that painful, just irritating. It got to the point where I could only lift my arm six inches or eight inches above my waist.”

Because Fay had severe shoulder arthritis with a torn rotator cuff, Dr. Privitera recommended a reverse total shoulder replacement. In a healthy shoulder, a ball located at the upper end of the arm bone (humerus) fits into a socket of the shoulder. With a reverse total shoulder replacement, the joint structures are reversed. A metal ball is attached to the shoulder socket, and the ball of the humerus is made into a new socket.

After her surgery in December 2019, Fay stayed two nights at Wyoming County Community Health System. “Everybody at the hospital was awesome,” Fay says. “They did a great job, and so did my physical therapy team. Today, my shoulder feels great. I’m doing yard work again—raking, pulling weeds, even starting my push lawn mower. And of course, I love cross county skiing in my back yard!”