Hudson Brothers

Three Brothers, Three Surgeries, Three Outstanding Results

Word of mouth is the best type of endorsement, especially among family. Richard Hudson (middle left) had so much pain in his right hip that he couldn’t climb onto his tractor or walk to his barn without the use of a cane. After Dr. Paul Mason (far right), a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with Buffalo Orthopaedic Group, performed hip replacement surgery at Wyoming County Community Health System, Richard was so pleased that he recommended his brother Harry (far left) see Dr. Mason about his knee.

Climbing stairs was very painful for Harry’s right knee. Even bending down was agonizing. “The first orthopaedic surgeon I visited said he couldn’t perform surgery for several months,” said Harry, who lives in Avon. “I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and went to see Dr. Mason,” recalls Harry. “He said he could help me and quickly scheduled surgery.” Harry had full knee replacement and now can walk, jump, even climb stairs, pain free.

Brother Tom (middle right), who lives in Attica, injured his shoulder in a ladder fall. Dr. Mason repaired a bone spur, rotator cuff and tendon damage. Tom’s surgery was a success and he joins Richard and Harry in recommending Dr. Mason and WCCHS for your orthopaedic needs.