John Copeland

“Back in the saddle again—thanks to my new hip!”

—John Copeland

John Copeland was stuck—on his horse. “The pain in my right hip was so bad, I couldn’t swing my leg over to dismount,” explains John, who lives on a 75-acre horse farm in Wethersfield. “I had to hang on to the horse trailer as my wife, Jackie, guided the horse forward. For two years, the pain in my hip had gotten worse and worse. I was afraid my riding days were over.”

Then John, who is a member of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors, decided to see Dr. Paul Mason, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with Wyoming County Community Health System. “A friend of mine had a knee replacement with Dr. Mason and highly recommended him,” John says. “I’m so glad I took his advice. Dr. Mason treated me like a friend.”

Dr. Mason performed a total hip replacement in January 2015, and John stayed several nights at the hospital, followed by outpatient rehab. “The care I received was super,” John says. “In just a month, I had made a complete recovery.”

Today John is back in the saddle, riding his horses. “There is absolutely no pain in my hip,” John says. “I can do all of my regular barn chores with no trouble. I really encourage people to consider Wyoming County Community Health System, especially if they need surgery. It’s just not the same hospital it was just a few years ago.”