Katie Carpenter

“Seeing is believing—believing in Wyoming County Community Health System!”

—Katie Carpenter

It was a cold February night, Katie Carpenter and her nine-year-old son, Kyle, were working in the barn at All Bright Farm, their family-owned dairy farm near Fillmore. Suddenly Kyle dropped a bucket of powdered lime, used to disinfect the stalls. It splattered on his face. Instinctively Kyle reached up and touched his eyes with his lime covered gloves, causing a serious chemical burn.

Katie rushed Kyle to the ER at Wyoming County Community Health System, 35 minutes away. “The staff immediately went to work on Kyle,” Katie says. “It was so hard to see my son in so much pain. For two straight hours, the staff worked tirelessly to flush out his eye. We even spent the night in the Emergency Room so the staff could constantly check on Kyle.”

The next day, Kyle was referred to a pediatric eye care specialist. “He said if the staff had not been so diligent, Kyle could have suffered permanent damage,” Katie says. “Because we live out in the country, I’m so thankful we have a hospital familiar with the kinds of accidents that happen on a farm. Thanks to Sherrie Campbell RN-BSN (right) and everyone at Wyoming County Community Health System. If you hadn’t worked so hard to help my son, he might not be seeing 20/20 today!”