Richard Grabenstatter

“Choosing WCCHS was worth the long drive.”

—Richard Grabenstatter

Richard Grabenstatter lives in Amherst, and his business, Grabber & Sons Landscaping & Nursery, is located in Buffalo. But when Richard needed surgery to repair his left shoulder, he chose Dr. Paul Mason, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon, and Wyoming County Community Health System. “The pain in my shoulder was restricting my range of motion, and I was having trouble sleeping,” Richard says. “When my personal physician and several of my friends spoke highly of Dr. Mason, the decision was easy.”

Dr. Mason used a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopic surgery to repair the shoulder. A small tube containing a fiber-optic camera and light source is inserted through an incision about the size of the diameter of a pencil. The camera is connected to a television monitor that lets the surgeon view the shoulder joint and identify and repair any frayed, torn or degenerative tissue.

During his outpatient surgery, Richard was impressed with the quality of care and the friendliness of the staff. “From the moment I arrived in the reception area to being discharged, everybody I met really went beyond the call of duty,” Richard says. “It wasn’t that fast-paced, get-you-in/ get-you-out kind of attitude that you often find in a big-city hospital. My father-in-law was with me for the surgery, and he noticed it too—how friendly and caring the people are at Wyoming County Community Health System.”