Suzanne McCormick

“After hip replacement surgery, I’m a new person!”

—Suzanne McCormick, East Aurora, NY

For Suzanne McCormick, pain was a constant, unwanted companion. “It really hurt to walk,” said Suzanne, who is self-employed. I never missed a day of work because I accepted the pain. “It was painful to stand in church or in the checkout line at the store.” She treated the pain with over-the-counter medications and therapy, but nothing seemed to help. “I finally decided that enough was enough; I can’t live like this anymore!”

Suzanne saw an ad about a patient of Dr. Paul Mason, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon. She also knew people who had gone to him. “Dr. Mason said he could fix my pain.” Now, Suzanne walks without a limp or any pain with her new hip. Standing is line is no longer painful. “Hip replacement surgery was the best thing I’ve ever done,” she says. “And I’m grateful to be back to work after a swift recovery! After my hip replacement surgery, I’m a new person!”