Emergency Department

January 6, 2014 marked the official opening of the newly constructed 12,000 square foot addition housing our Emergency Department, Lobby, Patient Registration, Laboratory Draw Stations, Waiting and Pre-Admission Testing Area. The modern ED is larger with easy access in the front of the hospital. Our relationship with UBMD Emergency Medicine provides experienced physicians you can trust 24/7. We have innovative, lifesaving technology such as new cardiac monitors to provide you with advanced care when you need it. It’s what the people of this community deserve – today,tomorrow and for years to come.

Patient Registration

Patient Registration is located on the ground floor near the Emergency Room main entrance and lobby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What will happen when I arrive?

You will be greeted by our registration clerk who will write the reason for your visit to the ED, and the time of your arrival. The triage nurse will then take you to our triage room to gather more information about you and your condition. Once you have been assessed by the triage nurse you or a family member will be directed to the registration clerk who will obtain necessary demographic and insurance information. Depending on the assessment of the triage nurse you will be directed to the waiting room or to an ED treatment room.

What is triage?

Triage is method used to rapidly prioritize patient care. Triage is necessary to ensure patients are examined by a physician in order of highest priority. The triage nurse uses the Emergency Scale Index (ESI) system which assigns a number 1-5 indicating priority.

Will I have to wait long for treatment?

Patients are treated in order of priority.  This means you may need to wait longer than another patients if your condition is not life-threatening.  The ED staff will make every attempt to keep wait times to a minimum.  If there is anything we can do to make your wait more pleasant, please let our staff know.

How long will I wait for test results?

The timing of test results is determined by how many patients are being evaluated and what type of testing you may need.  A general time schedule of routine test results are below (please note that times are approximate and may vary):

  • X-Ray: 60 Minutes
  • Blood Tests: 90 Minutes
  • Ultrasound: 60-90 Minutes
  • CT Scan: 60-90 Minutes

How can my family receive information?

With your permission, we will update family members on your status  We can provide you with a portable phone, so that you may speak with family members.  The ED staff will attempt to update family and friends; however, during high ED activity, we will care for our patients, first.

Are visitors allowed?

The decision to permit visitors into the ED patient treatment area is at the discretion of the ED nursing staff. There are times that visitors are not appropriate in treatment areas. Such as during high ED activity, when the physician is examining patients, when patients are being transported for diagnostic procedures, safety concerns, etc.

Because the Emergency Department is a busy area with limited space, we ask that visitors follow a few key guidelines:

  • Only two healthy adult visitors may accompany you into the room. Additional visitors will be directed to the ED waiting room.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the ED treatment area as visitors, unless under special circumstances which will be determined by the ED staff.
  • The ED is a secured area. Visitors must check in at the registration desk to ask if they can visit a patient. Once inside the treatment area, visitors should remain at the bedside and respect other patients’ privacy by staying behind the treatment room curtain or door.

What happens when I am discharged?

The ED nurse will bring you discharge instructions that have been written by the ED physician. These instructions will include:

  • A description of your illness or injury
  • How to care for your illness or injury
  • Prescriptions for medicine or medical equipment required to assist you
  • A doctor for follow-up care
  • When to return to ED if your illness or injury persist
  • Please make sure you review your discharge instructions before you leave and have all your questions answered

What happens if I am admitted as a patient?

If your physician is admitting you to the hospital, the ED staff will request a bed in the patient care area that the admitting physician feels is best to provide your medical care. Once the decision is made for you to be admitted, the ED staff will make every effort to get you to the floor in a timely manner.