WCCHS Board of Managers

    • Doug Berwanger
    • Cynthia Elbow
    • Bryan Kehl
    • Rich Kosmerl (President)
    • Mark Merrill (Vice President)
    • Laura Paolucci
    • J. Thomas Reagan, MD
    • Frank Vitagliano (Secretary)
    • James Wawrzyniak, DC

Executive Committee

Meeting Schedule

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Please note:

    • Signed e-mails sent using this link will be considered official correspondence to the Board of Managers and will be placed on the Board’s public meeting agenda under “Letters to the Board.”
    • The Board will not consider e-mails when the sender is anonymous.
    • The Board president will respond to correspondence on behalf of the Board when authorized by the Board.
    • If the public sends e-mails to Board members as individuals, they have no authority to respond on the Board’s behalf.  Board members are not required to acknowledge receipt of such e-mails nor are they obliged to respond to e-mail correspondence.

Hospital Administration:

Chief Executive Officer
Joseph L. McTernan




Chief Operating Officer
Corcimiglia, MikeMichael Corcimiglia, MSL




Chief Financial Officer
Amy Chase




Chief Nursing Officer
Connie Almeter, RN



Senior Leadership Team:

Director of Workplace Health Services, Clinic Quality and Corporate Compliance
Cunningham, PeggyPeggy Cunningham, NP




Director of Behavioral Health
Bridget Givens




Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator
Dawn James, RN, BSN, MHA, LNHA




Director of Nursing, Skilled Nursing Facility
Denise Prusak, RN


Director of Plant Operations
Woodworth, CraigCraig Woodworth




Medical Director
Mandip Panesar, MS, MD, FASNMandip Panesar, MS, MD, FASN




Skilled Nursing Facility Medical Director
CollinsGregory Collins, DO




County Information Technology Director
Todd MacConnell




County Human Resources Director
Daniel Farberman





WCCHS Departments
Departmental Supervisors